Getting ready to re-open after lockdown

As the workplace changes due to the ongoing effects of Covid-19, these are the 12 Dermalogica principles for enhanced service safety we undertake at Essential Therapy.

1 We prescreen clients and staff for sickness and contact with confirmed Covid-19 cases.

2 We recommend that clients in high risk, vulnerable groups not get treatments.

3. We maintain physical distances in common areas.

4. Masks are worn on common areas. We wear clean masks, face shields and aprons during treatments.

5. We wash and sanitise hands repeatedly.

6 We recommend thorough washing instead of gloves.

7. We disinfect professional products after each use.

8. Our beds are clean with freshly laundered linens for each client.

9. We clean and disinfect all equipment and surfaces before use.

10. We store clean and dirty items and tools separately.

11. We disinfect high-touch areas at least hourly.

12. We clean retail testers before and after each use, apply testers to hands and avoid jars.

What to expect during your next visit to Essential Therapy.

Mel Sunshine launches new online Dermalogica web shop    

Mel has been using and recommending Dermalogica skincare products for over 30 years so it was high time she created her own online presence. the store features educational video tutorials and regular newsletters and offers. Check out the site at

Essential Therapy gets high tech                                                                 

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the amount of technology used in professional skincare treatments. At Essential Therapy we have been using electronic cleansing brushes, advanced magnification, to get a really clear picture of the skin and the bt micro to enhance the penetration and effectiveness of actives into the skin. We can also use LED Light Therapy at the end of the treatment.

The benefits of LED were discovered by the scientist at NASA when they discovered that LED encouraged plant growth in space. In the same way, LED can stimulate fibroblast cells that produce collagen and plumps up the skin. It is also extremely antibacterial and helps kill the P. Acne bacteria that causes acne breakouts.

LED can be added to any skin treatment including the 10 minute skin solver for only £10

Coming soon, with the reopening of Essential Therapy, the latest in facial muscle stimulation, the bt nano Cocktail Lift

This advance micro current can stimulate muscles that are showing signs of ageing and dragging the face down. The corners of the eyes and mouth, frown lines and brow furrows are smoothed and softened achieving a more youthful look. The Cocktail Lift can be added to any skin treatment, even the Skin Solver. It takes an extra 15/20 mins and is added after exfoliation. Ideally, for consistent results, it should be applied during your regular maintenance facials but can also be taken as a course of 5 treatments over 3-6 weeks for enhanced results. Add £20

Skin Solver

Want instantly glowing skin in 15 minutes? Are you desperate for a skin treatment but can't fit everything in? Or are you new to professional skin care and want to find out more?

Well now with the Skin Solver you can experience a professional skin treatment in just 15 minutes that delivers great results for just £25. Ideal if you are short on time, it can easily be added onto your regular maintenance treatments such as waxing, last tinting etc. Skin Solver uses professional strength products in a layered exfoliation treatment and is perfect just before a special night out. Add Skin Solver to your next treatment.

Pro Power Peel-advanced treatments, for even better results

Pro Power Peel is an Expert Strength line that provides a biologically advanced peeling system for professional use.

Peels are in high demand due to the visible improvements seen on the skin, so it's no surprise they are the fastest growing skin treatment service. The Pro Power Peel can be taken as a course or used as a boost throughout the year to supplement your regular skin treatment.

Want to experience a truly transformative treatment? Pro Power Peel will safely and effectively resurface any skin type or condition, even sensitive skin and is available at Essential Therapy

For further information, advice, to book an appointment or for directions, call/text Mel on 07802 631144 or email [email protected]